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Test Automation in Action

Project Overview
Project Overview

Customers expect a seamless experience with your brand – every single time. If you’re unable to deliver, you may lose out on a single order or a lifetime customer.


Our global electronic component distributor client needed to solve data discrepancies created during order submission. A defect caused pricing information to go missing from particular products when added to a shopper’s cart. Multiple factors affected the price of a product, including missing parametric data for a given item.


To mitigate the issue, our client realized the need for a thorough testing process to capture issues before they reach production.

Results area

The Concord team created an automated API testing framework that identifies and mitigates the risk of data discrepancy with each data load. Our framework handles huge amounts of data-- about 13+ million records flow through multiple data sources and geo-regions. Data is fetched from both source and target systems to validate that there's no data discrepancy while loading data into the systems.


Ultimately, the development team now knows exactly where a discrepancy occurs and learn these results earlier in the data load cycle.


As a result, our client:

  • Shifted testing left, enabling the development team to test faster
  • Reduced production data defects/issues by 93%+
  • Reduced defect identification from days to seconds and defect triage time from hours to minutes!
  • Enhanced testing capability to run millions of records and data comparisons
  • Runs tests with a 95% success rate

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