Quality Engineering & Quality Assurance Services

Delivery timelines are shrinking, and consumer expectations are growing. Our Quality assurance services play an essential part in finding the right balance between product stability, time-to-market, and cost savings.

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Quality Governance

We establish quality governance to identify a clear pathway for integrated team process architecture, manage issue escalation, and support continuous improvement. Our approach provides metrics to facilitate decision making that achieves critical IT and business goals.

Functional Testing

Organizations that perform end-to-end functional and non-functional testing for their mobile, web, and business solutions earn higher levels of customer satisfaction. Our functional testing services ensure the verification and validation of applications for global enterprises - they compare against defined specifications and meet the end-user acceptance for seamless and robust functionality.

Test Automation

In software development, speed and quality go hand-in-hand, and automated tests can scale where manual testing and humans cannot. From architecture and frameworks to full-scale development, implementation, and maintenance, our experts maximize the value of your testing. We handle automation of your API layer, validation of UI and mobile testing, and ensure cross-functionality of the systems and applications under test. We also have packaged automation frameworks for Web, UI, API and mobile that accelerate your testing and ROI. 

Test Data Management

Test data is key to maximizing coverage and scale for both manual and automated testing. Whether you’re testing new functions in a system or validating reported defects, it’s vital that you accurately emulate the business process workflows and interactions encountered by product users. Our experts can increase the confidence in your testing by getting the correct data in the right quantity and at the right time within the system.


Part of any successful software implementation and maintenance is determining whether the application can perform when under load. Concord’s experts help you with performance, load, stress, endurance testing, and troubleshooting to identify bottlenecks and breakpoints within your system landscape.