We're different... for a reason.

We go beyond basic systems engineering and integration to unlock the greatest business impact for our clients. We have purpose-built the capability to do the challenging technical and engineering work that others don’t — to provide sustained results. Our clients trust us to build solutions that do more than just help them to survive, but to thrive in uncertain times — through resiliency, efficiency, and innovation.

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Our leadership
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Florin Ibrani
Chief Executive Officer
Stu Nutting
Ivaylo Guenov
Chief technology officer
Eric Carr
chief delivery officer
Brian Considine
chief financial officer
Chris Whaley
Chief Revenue Officer
John Baglivo
Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Arom
Chief People Officer
Christina Ludwig
director of delivery
Natalie Sheffield
director of marketing
Jennifer Jamison
Director, Talent Advocacy & Operations
John Murphey
Executive Director, Healthcare Strategy
David Cyr
Director of Architecture
Pavel Pavlov
Executive Director, Concord Europe
Shivom Palhan
Executive Director, Concord India
Pranav Patel
President, SwiftWIN
Tom Wilkins
CEO, Evolytics
Carey Wilkins
President, Evolytics
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Do the right thing
Do The Right Thing

We don't claim to have all the answers or hit the mark 100% of the time, but if right exists, and we believe it does, we will pursue it every time.


Winning is awesome, but beyond just getting a trophy, we love the act of playing in the game. Whether it's a tactical session at the whiteboard or the routine of lacing up our skates, we live for the competition.


At the heart of what we do, we solve problems. We take action. We get results. If we are going to impact change, we must be concerned with the practical steps to get there.


Intelligence isn't enough. We are drawn to people who apply their intelligence to every relationship and decision they encounter.

Will Do Attitude
Will Do Attitude

We all can do a lot, but few of us do. Most people look for ways to get out of work. We recognize the gaps and fill them, no matter what it takes.

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