Powerful Payments, Simplified Process

Financial Services


Prior to the internet age, invoicing and payment processing was largely a nightmare – long paper trails, missed payments, and zero visibility into the process. Our financial services client saw an opportunity to revolutionize the shipping and logistics industry with a powerful electronic payment system designed to cut transaction times and increase efficiency.  

The only challenge? Building it.


Concord was engaged to conceptualize the solution from end-to-end. Ultimately, the team landed on a system that relied on tried-and-true technology – a card payment system – under the veneer of a hand-held device.

For more than 20 years, our client’s business-to-business customers have reaped the benefits of this system, including:

  • Accurate and efficient invoice processing
  • Improved decision-making by turning raw data into insights
  • Reduced errors and resolved exceptions quickly
  • Eliminated costly, slow paper processing

In addition to revolutionizing the freight industry at the time, our client still enjoys being one of the largest players in the electronic invoice presentment and payment arenas. Amazing!

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