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Health Care Case Study - Acquisition Made Easy
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Acquisition Made Easy

Project Overview
Project Overview

Acquisitions are a massive undertaking in any industry, but especially so in healthcare. The integration of new clinics and hospitals into an existing system requires many complex data considerations – what should be kept versus what can safely be archived or eliminated, all while remaining in compliance. Our southwestern healthcare client needed a timely solution to minimize data upkeep costs while providing the right patient history access to clinical staff members.

As the clinic’s application retirement partner, Concord was granted the rights to connect to the clinic’s EMR system and archive all data by utilizing enterprise information management tools. To further enrich the product, Concord configured our proprietary software, Accelerate® Data Viewer, to give key applications access to view prior visits, diagnoses, prescriptions, demographics, and other associated clinical data.

Results area

Concord developed a solution for our client that eliminated the pain of data management throughout their acquisition process. As part of this solution, we executed on the following:

  • Extracted all data and developed a standardized viewing model for clinical and HIMSS users
  • Expedited the archiving process and provided a cost-effective view of both structured and unstructured data
  • Designed a long-term storage solution for future applications to be retired and created an archive for operation-supporting documents

As a result, our client is now able to easily access key data, minimize cost of data upkeep, and execute this repeatable plan for future acquisitions.

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